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Shivalik Industries is located at Excise Exemption Industrial Area in Haridwar, UK. Our plants is spread over a Shed area of 12000 Sq. Feet equipped with various state of the Art Technology machines, tools & equipment. Few of them are:-

  • 1. CNC Coil Winding Machines
  • 2. Automatic Tapping & Assembly machines
  • 3. Heavy Transformers making CNC & Semi Automatic Machines
  • 4. Toroidal Transformer Winding Machine
  • 5. Auto insertion Machine
  • 6. Wave Soldering Machine
  • 7. Lead Cutting Machine
  • 8. Component Pre forming machine
  • 9. Assembly conveyors, and many other customize machine for other purposes.

We are going to install Automatic 12 Heads Winding Machine to increase the Inductors Production

Our Technical Team is capable of developing client centric samples & producing final supplies etc. to meet the delivery deadlines. Furthermore, SHIVALIK INDUSTRIES offers timely support, consultancy and after sales services etc. carried out by our qualified application Engineers.

We are committed to give Quality Product to our clients. We have Experienced Q A Engineers to check the Incoming, Process & Outgoing Quality control. Few of our Laboratory Tests and Equipment are:

  • 1. LCR Meters
  • 2. High Voltage Tester
  • 3. Power Analyzer
  • 4. Digital Signal Oscilloscope
  • 5. Watt Loss Meter
  • 6. Micro Meter
  • 7. Vernier Calipers
  • 8. Efficiency Testing Panel
  • 9. Multi-meters
  • 10. Weighing Scale.
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Our Production Capacity is as below and can move further on as per the demands


: 100000 PCS / DAY


2000 PCS /DAY


20000 PCS /DAY


10000 PCS /DAY